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Kaoruko's Voice Lesson

Vocal technique

Learning "vocal technique" does not mean to make everyone sing like opera singers. It means to learn to use your body most efficiently, effectively to produce your voice in most relaxed, strong manner. You will be able to sing so comfortably that you've never felt before and your voice would become beautiful and full.

I can teach you the appropriate vocal technique for the style of music you sing. The style can be any kind of CCM (contemporary commercial music), such as Pop, jazz, Broadway, rock, country, and others.

I am a certified vocal instructor of Somatic Voicework(tm). She studied with Jeannette LoVetri and certified at the Contemporary Commercial Vocal Pedagogy Institute at Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, Virginia.

Jazz style, improvisation (scat singing)

I teach you how to scat according to your knowledge in music theory.

Even if you don't know the theory, you can start scatting by listening and imitating the great singers like Ella Fitzgerald, John Hendricks, etc.

Learning syllables, swing feel are also very important for the good scatting. You will also learn how to sing over the chord changes by practicing guide tone lines, chord tones, chord scales.

Sounds overwhelming? Don't worry,

Although your ear can do so much, it is also very important to know the jazz theory. Theory can help your ear to work better. Kaoruko can teach jazz theory as well.

She graduated Berklee College of Music. She majored vocal performance and jazz composition. She also studied jazz improvisation with a local jazz legend, Hal Crook. She teaches at Wellesley High School as a jazz voice specialist.

Song style

Choosing songs, choosing keys, chart preparation.